G.H.I.C - Kingdom

24 Jun 2019

G.H.I.C - Kingdom

God’s House International Centre (GHIC) is a multicultural community church based in the centre of Bristol, registered charity and parish of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, UK. Their church is bible-based and has a membership that consists of 22 nationalities, valuing unity, love, peace and justice.

The worship team is part of the Creative Arts Department at the church; their mission is ‘Worship with heart… worship with art’, taken from John 4:23, seeking to worship Him first in spirit and truth using their collective skills, creativity, gifts and talents.

I was in the kitchen doing the dishes when the song came to me, the melody of the song was the first thing that came. My vision for this particular song is to have something that can easily slot into any church’s praise and worship set. Simple, with a catchy melody, the song can be played fast or slow, laid back or upbeat, stripped back with minimal instruments or instrument-lead. It’s a song that I would like people to be creative with; to be able to play around with the singing and the lyrics. It’s not a lyric-heavy song, influenced by various Dr Tumi’s tracks, some Travis Greene’s and early Mali Music too. It’s a simple song where you can get lost in worship, and sing over and over and over again.

I hope that the song will reach those that already have Christ, those that are still searching for the meaning to life, those that may be in a place of uncertainty, and those like me that are just hungry for more.

The lyrics of the song were birthed from a place of constant desire to experience more and more of God as He consistently becomes more and more real to me on a personal level through various experiences. I could try and find many great and amazing words to describe Him - and many have done it better - but words will never do Him justice.

I am always humbled that we have access to Him so easily and directly through prayer, so the line from the Lord’s prayer fits quite well.

Written By G.H.I.C

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