Homegrown worship is brand new community
that exists to share brand new worship songs every week.


Homegrown Worship

The heartbeat of Homegrown Worship is to help churches to grow their own worship songs. Having seen incredible fruit from local churches producing their own songs, we're eager to see fresh expressions of worship spring up in a wide range of styles, locations and languages.

Each and every week we will be sharing brand new worship songs via download and streaming sites. There will be chords and words available as well as a blog unpacking the story and inspiration behind the songs... plenty to feast upon!

As we share songs with church communities around the globe, we will be inviting people to share their songs with us as we look to record the cream of the crop in our Homegrown sessions. This will build relationships that enable us to establish music production communities around the world... before you know it, we’ll be sharing new songs every day.

We’re offering services and support for churches, worship leaders and artists though our mission on Rocket Fuel. Everything we raise through this enables us to produce new songs to share with the community of people wanting to feast on new expressions of worship.

Let’s see what we can grow together!

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