In June 2018, we began releasing a song every single week from our Chief Enthusiast and founder Andy Baker. Over the course of a year, Andy shared 52 new songs that had all come from his daily morning devotional routine and reading of scripture. Since then dozens of songwriters, artists and churches have signed up to join the grassroots worship revolution and share their own songs through Homegrown Worship. 

Homegrown Worship is a community that exists to share brand new worship songs every week. We believe that as we go deeper in our personal devotion and share wider expressions of worship, we can lift the name of Jesus higher.


We believe that our songs of worship should be deeper. Our personal devotion and relationship with God should be constantly growing in order that songs can continue to flow from our hearts and lives.


We also feel it’s essential that our worship is wider, for there to be fresh expressions of praise and adoration in a broader range of genres along with a fuller representation of the emotions and themes we see in the Bible.


And we do all this that the name of Jesus can be lifted higher. Our songs of worship should be declaring the goodness of God throughout churches, throughout the airwaves and on playlists across social media and streaming platforms.



We’re inviting artists, songwriters and churches to get involved in a fantastic opportunity to share songs regularly through Homegrown Worship.

In June 2018, we began releasing a song every single week from Andy Baker’s morning devotional routine and have already signed up dozens of writers, artists and churches to join the grassroots worship revolution.

Meet the Team

Andy Baker
Chief Enthusiast

Andy has been in the music industry for over 15 years and has helped develop leading Christian artists such as Philippa Hanna, Chloe Reynolds and Daughters of Davis

Jonathan Middleton
Head of A&R

Jonathan is an experienced worship pastor and musician and now lives in South Africa, working as Homegrown Worship’s Chief Song Selector.

Aron Bicskey

Aron is a seasoned producer and session musician who has shared the stage with the likes of Gary Barlow, Lucy Spraggan, Philippa Hanna, amongst many others.

Tom Auton

Tom is a singer/songwriter, musician and producer who has won various awards including Future Music UK Songwriting Competition and Open Mic UK U’16.

Melissa Hale
A&R Assistant

Melissa is a Canadian born worship leader living in the USA. She is studying Worship & Theology while working as A&R assistant for Homegrown Worship.

How to get involved…

Share Your Songs

We’d love to hear your songs of praise, worship and devotion. We welcome songs at all stages of development from rough demos to finished recordings in any style imaginable.

Support the Vision

If you would like to see the work of Homegrown Worship grow further, you can support the community in many ways through our Rocket Fuel store.

Host an Event

We’d love to visit your church. So far we’ve had churches invite us to join Sunday services, put on worship concerts and songwriting workshops. Please get in touch as we’d love to speak about coming to your church

Matthew Lunders

I enjoyed working alongside top-notch musicians to translate the fuller sound of the songs from my head onto a recording.  "Generosity" and "investment" are two words that comes to mind. Homegrown Worship seeks to be generous and to invest in music and in opportunities for musicians for the purposes of glorifying God and building up the church.

God’s House International Centre

This was such a brilliant experience. We have a very vibrant band in our church who were happy to be involved in the production and partnered with the producer to work out patterns and structure for the songs. The studio time was brilliant and was well tailored to our needs, style and sound. It was a wonderful experience from start to finish.

Nick Brinner

The opportunity to work with professional level musicians, producers and sound technicians has helped develop me as a songwriter and a musician.

Unearth a new song