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Chance is a singer/songwriter and worship leader based out of Greeley, CO. He has served in local church ministry for over 18 years. In 2007, he launched a music ministry, Red Letter Hero, a Christian band that served the church in worship leading for church services, camps, retreats, and conferences. The band was also able to be a part of Christian festivals, concerts, headline a tour, and work with many other Christian artists and producers.

In 2011, Chance began to offer his personal experience in worship leading, providing interim worship solutions, consulting, team building, nights of worship, conferences, and retreats. His ministry has proven to be an influence in uniting the body of Christ.

As a singer/songwriter and worship leader, Chance has a refreshing and contagious leadership style that encourages believers from all church backgrounds to experience the presence and fullness of God. He is passionate about building up the local church and helping the church make a difference in the world.

Chance Greer Songs

Come To Him

Chance Greer

This song came about from a conversation with an old band buddy of mine. We w...


Chance Greer

My wife and I had just returned from visiting...

Speak To Me

Chance Greer

In 2019, the whole world was hit hard by Covid and life became dramatically d...

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