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Esther Sardar is a Bristol (UK) based Christian singer-songwriter and worship leader. Leading worship for over 15years and writing songs for much longer, Esther is now part of the worship leaders team at Christ Church Downend.

Raised in a Christian home and still going strong in her personal faith, Esther’s testimony is one of endurance through trial, living by grace and eternal hope in the promises of God through Jesus Christ. Esther has always loved music and reading her bible. The infusion of these life passions, has nurtured her personal relationship with God and her song writing from a young age.

‘My songs are a response to my daily devotion to Jesus. As I meditate on his goodness and his personal word for me that day a new song is frequently born.’

In 2018, Esther's Easter song 'Lord of Light' was aired on UCB2. Her desire is to continue to unearth fresh 'now' songs, that encourage the church to keep 'running the race' and be a light in their generation.

Psalm 119:54 ‘Thy statutes have been my songs in the house of my pilgrimage’

Esther Sardar Songs

Oh My Soul (Longs For You)

Esther Sardar

In the chaos of family life and ministry I was lost. The clacking of the dyin...

All Of Me

Esther Sardar

The melody and song idea had been with me for a good few years! I knew what I...


Esther Sardar

We hear a lot about faith being a ‘relationship’ not a ‘religion’. I thought ...

Rescue of a Troubled Mind

Esther Sardar

This song was unearthed in a very torrid season of my life. The Psalmist Davi...

So I Rejoice

Esther Sardar

The great ‘Oswald Chambers’ talks about the valley being the place where ever...

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