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Matthew was exposed to Jesus and to performing music almost as soon as he had memories, but neither really clicked for him until the age of 15. After finally saying "Yes" to Jesus at a church youth meeting, he started picking up his older brother's acoustic guitar to strum worship songs at home. He soon upgraded to his own electric guitar - with no amplifier - so he could play as loud as he wanted without bothering anyone in the house. Before long, Matthew started putting new music to Psalms, and eventually writing his own lyrics.

God has taken both Matthew and his music a long way since he sat as a teenager in his bedroom with an old-school tape recorder, trying to get his songs on cassettes. His missions travels in the Caribbean, Africa, and Asia have all influenced his approach to congregational music. For the last decade, Matthew has been working on church staff in the Netherlands. His focus in songwriting is crafting tunes that connect with God's vision for the local church.

Along with having support from his church family, Matthew also gets great encouragement from his wife and two boys.

MatthewLunders Songs

Come Today

Matthew Lunders

I was leading a weekly Bible study for some teenagers in my church. One weekn...

Disappointment (Eleison)

Matthew Lunders

Not every song has a happy ending... During my wife’s first pregnancy, she...

Praxis In The Mirror

Matthew Lunders

An old-school way of preparing for public speaking is to practice in front of...

God In Man

Matthew Lunders

There are two main reasons I was so excited t...

The Roadmap

Matthew Lunders

My church is named Damascus Road because of the story found in Acts 9. A man ...

No Place Too Far

Matthew Lunders

I’m sitting at my desk, staring at a map on the wall, seeing a lot of lines t...

We Enter

Matthew Lunders

I’m learning more and more that God’s kingdom is not a party of one. The e...

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