Beyond the Walls - Masterpiece

29 Apr 2019

the story behind the song

Made new through His glorious grace

I don’t know about you, but before I knew Jesus, I would never have considered myself a ‘masterpiece’. I could have given you a whole list of reasons why. And yet, when we give our life to Jesus, God tells that we are His masterpiece.

In Christ we are made new (Ephesians 2:10). How amazing to think that we can be a work of art to the King of Kings! Yet this came at a cost. His blood, His sacrifice, so that we could be connected to the One who can lead us and transform us into so much more.

This song came from a place of deep thankfulness. I am in awe of who God is and of His love for me. Like many people, I struggled with accepting that I was worthy of His love – until I realised I’m not! He gives Himself to us by His grace. It’s not about who I am – what I’ve achieved or where I’ve gone wrong – it’s about Jesus. And through Him, I am made new.

Why would we want to stay as we are when God has so much more for us? He truly is the most wonderful gift. Life becomes full of hope. I am not alone and trying to navigate this life in my own strength. God never leaves us. He continues to guide us, lead us, shape and mould us in His love, until He calls us home. That’s beautiful.

And through Him, I am made new, spiritually renewed every day as I grow more like Jesus. (Ephesians 4:22-24).

Masterpiece is a song of thanks and praise to a personal Saviour, celebrating our transformation as we declare: Lord, I am Your masterpiece, created anew.

Written by Beyond The Walls

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