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Happy Birthday Homegrown Worship

17 Jun 2019

We're putting the Handpicked playlist on pause this week because it's time to celebrate...

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Jonny Somervell - Glorious Rescue

10 Jun 2019

The song Glorious Rescue was written from spiritual revelation and to an extent it largely wrote itself. During a personal time of prayer, I started to reflect on how far Jesus came to save us and his never-changing, all-encompassing love.

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Peter Ihegie - This Is For You

03 Jun 2019

This is a song that reflects on my relationship with God and how He has taken me through my everyday life’s ups and downs. It is a testimony of how He has become the object of my life’s focus.

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Raise The Roof

31 May 2019

There are lots of references to the old name "I'll Lift You Higher" As Homegrown Worship has evolved over the past year it has become increasingly clear that our mission is to lift the name of Jesus higher.

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The Plan - Save Me Now

27 May 2019

Every one of us will have times when we feel that we aren’t good enough, that we don’t measure up to the standards people expect. The question is how can we fight these feelings? How can we rise up when experiencing depression and anxiety into a life where we are happy to be ourselves, strong...

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Dave Wellington - Set Apart (All For You)

20 May 2019

This song started as an example for my students; how to capture an idea so that you can work on it later. I had most of the tune and I knew it should start with the phrase ‘Set apart’ but that was all. It then sat on my phone waiting for the day that it would get finished.

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