Every Ounce

17 May 2019

Every Ounce

My Homegrown Worship journey has helped me to realise the importance of being like Mary. Spending time with Jesus each day is the best thing to do. Doing things for Him is great but knowing Him is much better. Helping the poor is something we should be doing as well, but we mustn’t neglect Him because we are ‘doing His work’. Jesus loves it when we spend time in His presence and He is inviting us to not feel guilty about it.

Mary’s act of worship was costly. She didn’t give from an abundance of wealth; she gave everything she had due to the relationship she had with her Saviour. This song flowed out of a wonderfully delivered sermon and a realisation that Jesus is wanting to make a Mary out of me. For a long time, I’ve placed my identity in playing Martha; keeping busy doing things.

It’s been such a joy to share this song with people already and to see how it’s helping people to draw closer to their Saviour

Andy Baker - Chief Enthusiast, Homegrown Worship

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