01 Feb 2019


Faithfulness is one of the attributes of God’s character that defines who He is. In a fast-paced and fickle world, faithfulness isn’t something that’s held in especially high regard - politicians lie, people don’t hold firm to their wedding vows, and we’re encouraged to cut people out if we don’t get what we want from them.

God has stuck by me throughout my life. He was faithfully waiting for me to return to Him when I stopped attending church aged 7 in order that I could play Sunday league football. He hasn’t turned away from me when I’ve slipped up, messed up or denied Him through my actions. His love has been faithful throughout the years and that is why I’m looking to Him for guidance and assurance… He can be trusted.

The song celebrates the fact that God has never let go of us - He’s never forsaken us and He has covered our journey with His faithfulness. He will never let you down even though people will let you down. Even though you will invariably let Him down time and again, His loving mercy appears to flow like a never ending stream.

My prayer is that as we thank God for His faithfulness, we would be transformed more and more into His likeness, becoming people faithful in our family-life, faithful to His call over our lives and faithful to Him.

Andy Baker, Chief Enthusiast, Homegrown Worship

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