G.H.I.C - God Alone

06 May 2019

The Story behind the song

After my marriage had broken down in 2014, I went through a couple of years of wanting to run away from everything God had called me to do in God's House… in evangelism, cleaning, worship teams, even allowing God to use me in the prophetic.

I wanted to leave my church, take my kids and start life somewhere else where no one knew us. I felt like my whole world had completely crumbled. I was exposed, felt vulnerable and all I wanted to do was hide: not be seen; not be heard.

To top it off, out of nowhere I realised I had developed strong feelings for a man, which I didn't anticipate.

This left me completely overwhelmed. My desire to leave was fast tracked. I was ready to move to another city and even started looking for another Church.

One Sunday I was in church and the song, You are God Alone by William McDowell was being sung. The words "God alone" just kept ringing in my Spirit. I realised that my struggles, past failures & disappointments sat on the throne of my heart, they had taken God's place to the point that I wanted to walk away from everything I loved, everything that gave me a purpose.

One night God would not allow me to sleep and within two hours "God Alone" was birthed - a song of surrender.

Within that period God started breaking down my walls.

I asked God to just hold me through it all… and the rest is history.

He won and I am left grateful that I didn't leave.

God Alone

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