God's House International Centre - The Sound

18 Mar 2019

The Story Behind the Song

Two years ago whilst living in London, I remember attending church one Sunday, but not your typical service! Instead, different leaders took it in turns to come up and describe who God was and the miraculous things He has done.

As part of the “Seventh Season Series” - taken from 1 Kings 18:41-45 which the church was going through - Pastor Agu was the last person to take the stage and he made the whole congregation get up and turn around 7 times then shout on the 7th time as a prophetic gesture of victory and breakthrough.

He kept saying “there is victory in your shout... there is power in your sound”.

When the whole congregation shouted it was electrifying. I decided to go home and do some research about why sound is so important.

I found a message from John Gray, which explained the importance of sound. He said, “Nothing happens without sound preceding it; including creation.”

He also mentioned the reason we speak things into existence is because when you make a sound the earth responds.

I started thinking about the countless times in the Bible when God speaks and things happen; everything God says happens and His voice cannot be contended.

Written by GHIC

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