Happy Birthday Homegrown Worship

17 Jun 2019

We're putting the Handpicked playlist on pause this week because it's time to celebrate...


For even the most seasoned artists, writing and recording an album’s worth of material is no mean feat. It’s a well known fact that the amount of hours that have been extensively poured into writing songs, producing them, and releasing them into the world clocks up quickly for an album project once every three years or so.

Imagine then the effort put into writing and recording 52 worship songs, and delivering them fresh to inboxes across the globe each and every week...!

It’s no wonder then that Homegrown Worship’s Chief Enthusiast, Andy Baker, has something to celebrate.

After a year of early mornings spent writing armed with his bible, a journal and a baritone ukulele, and late night recording sessions at Oliver’s Studio nestled away in the rolling hills of Gloucestershire, Homegrown Worship - a grassroots worship movement with a vision to unearth and share brand new worship songs - has just turned 1.

With an eclectic mix of tracks ranging from the guitar-poptastic Psalm 16 and Lift Up The Name, and classic rock Songs Sung In Heaven and Bryan Adam’s-eqsue So Good, to the intimate acoustic vibes of Psalm 40 or reggae inspired Raise the Roof, Homegrown Worship has enjoyed official Spotify playlisting and has had over 20,000 monthly listeners, been featured on BBC Radio, Premier Christian Radio, UCB, the Spring Harvest Songbook, and is due to feature on MultiTracks.com over the coming months.

However, the goal of this was never to elevate the name of Homegrown Worship, but to lift up the name of Jesus higher.

Over 25 artists, writers and churches have signed up with Homegrown Worship to release their music through our curated Handpicked playlist.


Everything from Dave Wellington’s Phil Collins-inspired stadium rock and Loulita Gill’s powerful atmospheric worship songs, to Peter Ihegie’s gospel-tinged RnB or indie guitar musings of Netherlands-based pastor and artist, Matthew Lunders.

Artists, writers and churches have enjoyed success with national radio play on Premier Christian Radio and UCB2, as well as featuring regularly on Official Spotify Playlists, such as New Music Friday Christian.

 And, we are pleased to announce that from Thursday 1st August we are launching the second Handpicked playlist...

Featuring everything from the tender folk stylings of Kat Mills to  punchy-indie-pop from Mikey Powell, the team have been hard at work in the studio over the last couple of weeks recording and producing some top-notch songs for you to feast on from this summer!