Dave Wellington - I'll Wait For You

14 Jan 2019

I'll Wait For You

In the mood to write, I went searching through my phone for voice memos to inspire me. Something I recorded a year or so previous leapt out at me and melodies began to flow.

It seemed that we were in a season where we needed to wait on God again for a fresh breath of His presence, passion, and power. So I prayed and waited

In due course, lyrical ideas began to take shape; the battle of Spirit over flesh; the struggle to recognise the voice of God; the recognition that singing is so much more than just a song; all this combined with hints of scripture to paint the picture of a soul waiting for an encounter with the Living God.

Having wrestled with the lyric for a few days, it felt that the verses and choruses were complete, but the song wasn’t done. Every time I sang it to the end it felt like it needed something more, a lift, a cry, a shout.

Out of somewhere came a musical idea married to a strong lyric. It fitted, it grew to fill that song’s void resulting in a surprising, powerful playout which summarises the hearts cry of the song – to wait for God is to seek an encounter with Him.

To encounter the living God will surely mean change.

Dave Wellington, Artist

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