Lift Up The Name

22 Mar 2019

Lift Up The Name

After making my way through the New Testament throughout most of 2018, I was ready to delve deep into the Old Testament… but I wasn’t sure where to start.

I wondered what songs might spring up from devotional journeys through Leviticus so I decided to take the easy route and begin with the ancient songbook of The Psalms.

The Psalms are an emotional rollercoaster visiting the depths of despair, a world uniting in praise and the wonder of God’s creation. The words, images and testimonies are by nature raw, revealing the character of God to our senses.

The heartbeat of this song is to have an attitude of constant praise. I want the world around me to know that Jesus is the answer. There is so much our hurting world can learn from his teaching and so many hurting people that I believe He wants to heal.

Sharing worship songs might achieve several different things. Firstly, somebody might see my passion and expression and think ‘I want what he’s so excited about’ and it also might help to ignite a passion in someone to love the world around them, pray for their friends and usher in God’s Kingdom in the most desperate of places.

Songs possess the power to move people. Music stirs emotion and often speak when words fail. When creative expressions are coupled with Godly actions and humble hearts, I believe we will see new moves of God across the globe.

Andy Baker, Chief Enthusiast, Homegrown Worship

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