Louder Than Words

25 Jan 2019

Louder Than words

We all know that actions often speak Louder Than Words. The Bible teaches us many things, with the Epistles honing in on just how we should act as those inline for Christ’s inheritance.

Reading through the book of Colossians, Paul does not mince his words. There are clear instructions given to Christians to put to death their earthly nature, sexual immorality and evil desires, and this song doesn’t shy away from matters of the heart. Dealing with sin shouldn’t be done half-heartedly… things are either dead or alive.

If you’re wanting the word of God to spring to life, please join me in the following prayer:

Lord, let Your words take root in my soul. May they grow big and strong.

Other words, like weeds, have stunted my growth and stifled my ability to bless others.

I repent of compromise, selfishness and envy.

Help me to get the garden of my heart in order so that it would welcome mercy, kindness and humility. Amen.

If this is a little too heavy for you we have lots of nice Homegrown songs about God’s love, acceptance and forgiveness, however all scriptures are breathed by God and intended to instruct us in righteousness. It’s good to be happy clappy and upbeat but it’s also good to be serious about righteous living.

May you grow in the love of Christ!

Andy Baker, Chief Enthusiast, Homegrown Worship

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