Matthew Lunders - We Enter

25 Feb 2019

God’s Kingdom is Not a Party of One

I’m learning more and more that God’s kingdom is not a party of one.

The early songwriting of my teens and twenties mostly used the pronouns “I” and “me.” (And those songs are still precious to me.) But now, as the pastor of a very multicultural church, my lyrical trend has changed to “we” and “us.”

In the one biblical account of Jesus singing, he is in a group. The prayers of Jesus use lots of we/us/our language. His parables are rich with themes of celebration, unity, and God’s presence: God is repeatedly pictured as a joyful character - whether a king or a shepherd or a woman or a father or a groom or a businessman - who wants to get people together to celebrate. And we are given good reason to believe that God throws good parties.

We Enter is unabashedly a happy song thanking God for making it possible for all of us to have freedom to worship. Our rejoicing was His idea and His desire. God set out the welcome mat for us.

That’s something worth getting friends together to celebrate!

Written by Matthew Lunders


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