Homegrown worship is brand new community
that exists to share brand new worship songs every week.



Homegrown writers' retreats

Each year we hold several residential songwriters' retreats in Gloucestershire. The retreats are an opportunity for writers to co-write, demo new material and gain insights from the retreat leaders.

Interested in attending our next retreat? Email hey@homegrownworship.com

Homegrown Worship Night

Interested in attending our next event? Email hey@homegrownworship.com

Fancy hosting a Homegrown Songs Event?

Homegrown Songs Events are a great way to connect songwriters in your region. We are looking for hosts who can find a venue and connect with other writers in their area. We’re keen to see people from various streams and denominations join together to hear new songs from local writers.

Imagine a church service and open mic night merged together...

Would you be interested to host a Homegrown Songs Event?

Frequently asked questions

Your song will be reviewed by one of the Homegrown Community reviewers. It will not be shared in its current format.
We can’t promise feedback on every song submitted due to the volume of submissions however we are committed to sharing resources and encouraging writers to progress. Please make sure you keep up to date with our communications via email and online to find out how you can plug into Homegrown Activities.
If you’re a writer signed to a publisher, your publishing will probably be delighted if someone wanted to record a version of your song and share it but please check with them before submitting...remember that we’re only interested in new songs that haven’t previously been released If you’re an artist signed to a label, we could have someone else sing your song or could speak to your label about having you as a featured artist.
The Homegrown Sessions will feature a number of different vocalists and artists. Some artists will sing the songs they’ve written whilst others won’t... one of our jobs is to coordinate the production of these songs.
We select songs to be recorded for our Homegrown Worship and then have one of our production communities record a version of the song. If your song has already been released, we are unlikely to consider it for a Homegrown session however if it’s already in public domain, we may share it via social media.
We only share the songs that capture our imagination and fit in with the programming schedule. If you want to get your songs recorded, we can help you to do this through the team at Sound Consultancy but can’t promise to promote your release through Homegrown Worship.

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