Nick Brinner - On My Knees

04 Feb 2019

Fighting From the Ground Up

Nick Brinner - On My Knees

I once heard the most amazing quote: “The shortest distance between a problem and a solution is the distance between your knees and the floor”.

These words came suddenly back to me one late night (or early morning), ringing loudly in my ears as I wrestled with everything life had thrown me that day… most of it my fault. I was alone, angry, armed with a guitar and at the point where I was ready for a fight.

Back then I often wrestled with the lie that I always had to be perfect. Then the lyrics came to me, finally feeling able to express my frustrated feelings as I began to sing ‘How many times will you say. “I love you?”’.

God’s answer hit me like a water balloon to the face; a sudden shock and then amusement at the clear obviousness of His answer: ‘Always’.

Most great men and women who I hear or read about these days all say the same thing: ‘Prayer is the best place to start and finish any battle’.

I began to strum my guitar, eyes closed, imagining myself down on my knees in prayer. What does kneeling in prayer mean? What does it even do? What does God say about it? As I began to sing it hit me, we kneel to express love, obedience and unity to God, while receiving joy, peace and victory… and so much more!

I hope this song is an encouragement to you, as it still is to me.

Written by Nick Brinner

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