Peter Ihegie - Blessings

21 Jan 2019


Be blessed by the soulful tones of Peter Ihegie

Peter is one of the many hidden treasures within the local church, waiting to be unearthed and discovered by listeners through the Handpicked Playlist by Homegrown Worship. His debut track Blessings is rich with intricate beats, layers of vocals, true-to-style string stabs, and keyboards galore.

Produced by Tom Auton, the song showcases Peter’s fantastic vocal and songwriting ability. This radio-friendly track draws inspiration from contemporary gospel artists such as Bebe & Cebe Winans, Kirk Franklin and Travis Green, and even gives a subtle nod to Coolio’s ‘Gangsta’s Paradise’.

You will certainly be blessed listening to this song. But you can also be a blessing by sharing it with others!

Introducing… Peter Ihegie

It has been Peter Ihegie’s passion to write and sing gospel songs for as long as he can remember.

This is what he believes his ministry is; to serve God and to be a blessing to others. Coming from a family whose roots run deep in church ministry: his father loved to play the church organ, his sisters double up as music ministers and pastors, and some of his brothers being musicians like himself, it was inevitable that music would be held dear to his heart.

Peter is a worship leader and songwriter who loves to express himself through the lyrics of his songs with the aim of stirring up listeners in their adoration of God. Armed with his gift, which he believes God has blessed him with for a purpose, he faithfully fulfils God’s calling upon his life and helps others in the reverence and worship of God.

The Story Behind The Song

The song ‘Blessings’ was inspired from the Bible scripture Psalms 68:19, which says ‘God daily loads us with benefits’.

The revelation of that scripture was given to me as I meditated on it one morning. God revealed to me that blessings are showered upon us everyday; some are evident to us, while others we are not even aware yet are the benefit from God’s goodness poured on us from above. Often the simple things we see everyday are the ones we tend to overlook and take for granted.

It is my hope that this song stirs up our gratitude for God’s goodness in our lives; we ought to be thankful to our Creator who faithfully blesses us daily.

Peter Ihegie, Worship Leader & Songwriter

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