Peter Ihegie - This Is For You

03 Jun 2019

This Is For You

This is a song that reflects on my relationship with God and how He has taken me through my everyday life’s ups and downs. It is a testimony of how He has become the object of my life’s focus.

There have been many times in my personal walk with God and life as a Christian when I have been vulnerable, I have fallen short of my faith, felt lost in the busyness of life and lost focus. Those times when trying to juggle the daily struggles and routines of life weighed me down, I would always remember to call out to God, knowing that He would hear me and restore my faith.

Jesus Christ said in His word to ‘come unto me all ye who labour and are weighed down, and I will give you rest’. I have always taken that word literally and called on Him, and found the strength and courage to go on, taking one day at a time.

Just like a sheep follows the shepherd; I have learnt to follow Christ and build my days and weeks around Him, making Him the object of my life.

I pray this song brings you into a closer walk with God, and that no matter what you are going through, where you are or how you are feeling, be rest assured that God is right there with you.

Written By Peter Ihegie

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