Why Share your Songs

With Homegrown Worship?

Anyone can write and share songs. You don’t have to be a professional artist, paid minister, or a prolific writer. All you need is to be willing to share what God has laid on your heart.

For every track that is sent to Homegrown Worship, we aim to:

Give Honest Feedback

Working for Homegrown Worship is a collective of seasoned songwriters, music industry professionals, people with experience of leading worship week in, week out, within churches.

We will give you honest feedback from our collective years’-worth of experience on your songs to help you grow in your ministry and artistry.

Offer Encouragement

1 Thessalonians 5:11 teaches us that we should ‘encourage one another and build each other up’. We want to build a community that doesn’t only offer helpful, constructive critique of our work, but gives encouragement to every individual involved in sharing their songs with Homegrown Worship.

Extend an Invitation

Whether your songs are ripe for the picking to appear on one of our curated playlists or we feel the seeds could do with some nurturing, there are plenty of opportunities for you to get stuck into what we’re doing with Homegrown Worship. We invite all writers who submit songs to join our facebook group where they can get to know other writers and worship leaders. 

Share Your Songs

    God’s House International Centre

    This was such a brilliant experience. We have a very vibrant band in our church who were happy to be involved in the production and partnered with the producer to work out patterns and structure for the songs. The studio time was brilliant and was well tailored to our needs, style and sound. It was a wonderful experience from start to finish.

    Matthew Lunders

    I enjoyed working alongside top-notch musicians to translate the fuller sound of the songs from my head onto a recording.  "Generosity" and "investment" are two words that comes to mind. Homegrown Worship seeks to be generous and to invest in music and in opportunities for musicians for the purposes of glorifying God and building up the church.

    Nick Brinner

    The opportunity to work with professional level musicians, producers and sound technicians has helped develop me as a songwriter and a musician.