08 Mar 2019


There are times in my life that I’ve wanted to run and hide. Sometimes circumstances feel too much for me to manage and it’s hard to find strength or a strategy to cope.

I often wonder how people make sense of the world around them and the challenges they will inevitably face without faith. Thankfully, my faith provides me with a place to run to and a place to hide.

Shelter is a song about knowing the safety of God’s love. When the world gets me down and I’m not up to the task, God whispers to me that He is in control and in my weakness He will show Himself to be strong. When somebody tells me that I don’t meet their expectations, God reminds me that I am His child, dearly loved and able to stand up again even though I’ve been knocked down.

A relationship with God is a beautiful thing. Through the ups and downs of running a business, being part of an extended family and dealing with broken people (nobody functions perfectly) I consistently hear God’s voice speaking to me and calling me to take time out with Him so that I can be the entrepreneur I’m gifted to be, so that I can grow as a husband, father, son and brother, and so I can be a blessing to the people I interact with.

Sheltering in God might involve engaging with the act of Sabbath. In our 24/7 culture where so many of us are permanently plugged in to our screens all day long, God is waiting for you in a place of quiet and rest. Maybe you feel battered by the storm or there’s just been a constant drizzle; either way, take refuge and shelter in God’s house.

Andy Baker, Chief Enthusiast, Homegrown Worship

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