1 Kings 19
1 Kings 19

1 Kings 19

Ashley Davis

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The more times I read God’s word, one thing becomes more clear to me.  God loves to use all sorts of people for his purposes!  Another thing I’ve noticed is all of those people have their moments of weakness and moments of strength, which gives me hope for myself today!  

In my time of reading 1 Kings 19 we come to a story of the prophet Elijah, who was used by God in many amazing ways, but now is running for his life. At one point he sits down and asks to die!  Knowing that the journey is too much for Elijah, God lovingly lets him sleep, feeds him, and gives him what is needed to make the long journey to a cave, where he can have a heart to heart with him.

Once at the cave, God asks Elijah what he is doing there and Elijah responds that he has followed God and yet no good has seemed to come out of it.  I think he feels like many of us do when we can’t see what is being produced by our faithfulness.  God sends an angel to tell Elijah to stand on the mountain before the Lord. As he is standing, there are these violent acts of nature, a huge storm, earthquake, and fire, and these are where Elijah expects the Lord’s voice to be. In an unexpected way, the voice of God comes after these things, in the gentle blowing of the wind.  This gentle voice gives Elijah what he needs to take his next steps of faith.

Just like Elijah, I hope you and I can be reminded of who God is and obey that still small voice as he calls us to the next step before us, even if we are a little worn out.

Ashley Davis

About The Artist

Ashley Davis is a singer/songwriter, worship leader, and coffee shop aficionado based in southern Idaho. She views her role as a musician, as storytelling, taking inspiration from the stories of those around her and her own personal life, to connect to hearts, and be a light in this world.

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