All Of Me
All Of Me

All Of Me

Esther Sardar

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The melody and song idea had been with me for a good few years! I knew what I was trying to say, but the original was lost in translation. Have you ever had that experience?

It contained needless repetition, had too many themes running through it and simply lacked focus. My many thoughts and ideas had thwarted that creative ability to express the essence; that one precious thing my heart was truly saying. I was in a creative rut and needed help.

Forward 365 days (or more) and Homegrown Worship is knocking at my door. Their understanding of the power of co-writing scared me at first! I was nervous to share what was precious to me. Pare that with an inferiority complex often mixed in with fear of confrontation, even gentle disagreement, made me cautious at best!

I approached Loulita Gill, who is a long standing close friend and one of my mentors. Although incredibly busy with a flourishing business, rapidly growing music ministry and fast approaching deadlines on both fronts, she ‘joyously’ came to my rescue! Sometimes it takes another person with a bit more muscle, to draw out the words that express the essence of the song.

In one evening and with much laughter, ‘All of Me’ was born. It’s a song of pure devotion; nothing more, nothing less. The essence of my heart was kept at the forefront and there are no regrets (accept that I didn’t ask for help sooner).

Let me encourage every budding songwriter not to hold your songs too close. Find the trail blazers in your niche, the songwriters you respect and admire and prayerfully approach them. If they truly have your best interests at heart, they will remain ‘true to you and your song’. Maybe more importantly, true to the essence of what God is saying in and through you!

‘All of Me’ brings voice to my insatiable desire to once again sit at the feet of Jesus and devote every part of my life to him. It is simply a recommitment; a starting over. May it cause your spirit to sing the same song of surrender. Amen.

Esther Sardar

Singer/Songwriter & Musician

About The Artist

Esther Sardar is a Bristol (UK) based Christian singer-songwriter and worship leader. Leading worship for over 15years and writing songs for much longer, Esther is now part of the worship leaders team at Christ Church Downend. Raised in a Christian home and still going strong in her personal faith, Esther’s testimony is one of endurance through trial, living by grace and eternal hope in the promises of God through Jesus…

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