Thank You Jesus (Live)
Thank You Jesus (Live)

Thank You Jesus (Live)

Rob Westall

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From social distancing to social intimacy with God

 “I’m forgiven, because of you I can walk free.”

 I’ve been thinking a lot about the opening line of ‘Thank You Jesus’. 

At the time of writing, like so many, I am a prisoner in my own home due to the Coronavirus pandemic lockdown. It’s caused me to reflect on how much I’ve taken my freedom for granted. I appreciate everything a lot more, especially loved ones, contact with whom is restricted to non-contact, pre-arranged video calls. 

The song was written during a tough yet rewarding time. I had a new job, working a lot of weekends, so I was hardly at church. The long shifts and complicated commute (by train and bicycle) meant there was a lot of hanging around too. The Bible In One Year app (other daily devotionals are available!) brought a much needed consistency to my faith. 

Following one late shift, I returned home, picked up my guitar and worshipped. I wasn’t trying to write a song, but ‘Thank You Jesus’ emerged in one constant stream from start to finish. I had the chord progression, the melody (the bit you sing over the top of the chords) and I even knew what the lyrics were going to be about. 

I recognised the moment, God had got my attention and revealed what He wanted me to do. Download the songs from Him and share them. Thank You Jesus was the start of the journey which has led to me doing what was downloaded in my dining room all those years ago – to serve full-time in the music ministry. 

As our way life dramatically changes day by day, there is one constant and firm foundation on which we can stand – Jesus! It blows me away when I consider how much he loves us and loved us. To sacrifice his own life, by taking our punishment and dying in our place, so that we have the freedom to be with Him forever. That’s how much He desires us and that’s how much we have to be thankful for, no matter what is going on around us.

Rob Westall

Singer/Songwriter & Musician

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Former BBC Journalist Rob Westall is focused these days on broadcasting the Good news of the Gospel through his music. Prolific song-writer Rob, is head of worship at Gateway Church in Abergavenny and regularly plays live worship events and festivals with his band. He loves being in the studio creating new sounds to help inspire people in their worship. His critically-acclaimed debut album ‘Born to Worship’ and Christmas single ‘Saviour…

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