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Christian Community Online

So many of us at this time are feeling isolated. Perhaps you’re stuck at home and unable to meet with friends and family. When the announcement was made that churches were canceling their services for the foreseeable future, we felt that something needed to be done…


In an unprecedented time like this, it’s so important we stay connected and grow in our relationship with a God whose perfect love casts out fear.


It’s been great to see many churches live streaming their services however the sense of engagement, interaction, and fellowship seems very limited.


We’ve seen a lot of people move to skype and zoom group calls. This is good but can also have challenges when someone’s internet connection might not be quick enough, someone’s microphone cuts out and someone is talking way too much. Having run a remote organization for several years, we’ve know how clunky this can be.


So we’d like to invite to try out one our Homegrown Huddles on the Missional Institute.

Each week we will share inspirational Bible teaching and encouragement, fresh new worship songs and we’ll start a discussion topic. You can engage in the discussion topic by posting your own video responses and commenting on what other people in the huddle share. You can access the Homegrown Huddle via your smartphone, tablet or laptop.


There will be around a dozen other people in each group. You can join in each week on your watch, in your time zone. These small groups we’re establishing will work asynchronously so you can connect at your convenience…there’s no need to schedule a call or find a time every in the group can make. You can post a video at the click of a button and comment on each other’s posts… community is formed instantly.


There’ll also be a call to action each week to encourage people to be Jesus’ hands and feet in this time of great need.

We’re not trying to replace your local church. We simply want to use the technology we have to connect people and help Christian to grow in faith from the comfort of their own homes.

Interested in learning how you could get your church community online in as little as 48 hours?


Interested in joining a Homegrown Huddle?