By Your Blood
By Your Blood

By Your Blood

Nick Brinner

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In 2018 I made one New Years resolution, just one, to spend the entire year understanding who God said I was. Believe me I know that this sounds super spiritual… but it really came from a place of brokenness, uncertainty and a bag-full of life’s dramas and disappointments.  I needed rest. (Maybe someone reading this does too?).

I began to dive deep into the Bible but not from a religious perspective, but from a “Hey God, what do You actually say here about how You see me…?  The answers blew me away. Ephesians 1 became my favorite Bible passage and I began to finish this song.

If you too are in a place of needing rest, there is only place to get it and God is waiting to give it to you.

John 3:16-17 – The promise of Jesus.

By Nick Brinner

About The Artist

Nick Brinner is a worship leader and singer/songwriter from Washington DC. He began leading songs in an old Baptist church over 10 years ago with his trusty guitar next to the church organist - ‘I'm sure we've all been somewhere like this in our journey’, says Nick. These days, he serves at Hillsong London. Nick has had the privilege of leading people in worship across the UK, Ireland, India, Wembley…

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