God My Refuge
God My Refuge

God My Refuge

Kat Mills

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Songwriting is my natural language - it's the way I most effectively communicate and express myself. It is also how I love to express my worship to God.

Last year, I had the opportunity to spend some time out writing songs and delving deeper into my craft. ‘God My Refuge’ grew out of this time

I was writing about being caught in a storm and I put myself in the position of how it feels when you are caught in a storm and how you need to find shelter and a safe place to see the storm out. I liked the idea of trying to spot safety and seeing a tower amid this trouble. I love the idea of clinging to this tower whilst battling against the elements. The tower represents the hope of refuge and escaping the dark clouds - the hope of being rescued.

Similarly, I was also writing about a boat finding a harbour in the storm – a port offering a haven of safety, somewhere the security of a lowered anchor would see the boat through.

These pictures are what God loves us to do and what He promises in Psalms 61 and 107.

In my life, I have known God see me through many turbulent times. He is that dependable rock, that steadfast anchor, ready and willing to protect and giving the strength to survive.

The Christian life is more than just surviving, and this song also brings out the transforming love of God, through His mercy and Jesus’ sacrifice. I am not just surviving but revelling in His beautiful and amazing grace.

We all will face storms in this life, but God is a refuge.

About The Artist

Kat Mills is a singer songwriter and worship leader from Surrey, United Kingdom. She grew up with a classical music background. Always passionate about singing, Kat was classically trained and has developed her repertoire to include singing musical theatre, pop and jazz. Writing comes as second nature – something that she does to work through life’s situations. She spent 5 terms conducting a local community choir called ‘Inspire’, and does…

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