I’m Grateful
I’m Grateful

I’m Grateful

Kat Mills

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A couple years ago I had a rough time with my health. I needed surgery for a condition, followed shortly by an infection and then more surgery. I was either bed-bound or house-bound for quite a long period of time and I had a good strop with God. I was fed up and felt the world was against me.

God told me to take a reality check and challenged me to look differently. Instead of the negatives, I needed to focus on the positives and count my blessings. When I did this everything changed, my attitude went from that of self-pity to gratitude. I realised I had so many amazing things - family and friends, a house, food, drink - abundant provision. I thanked God that in my poor health I could spend some time resting and doing hobbies like colouring in and watching my favourite films.

I was due to do some co-writing with Cameron - one of my tutors from 10,000 Fathers Worship School - and I was inspired to craft this melody which brought lyrics of gratefulness flooding out. When I met with Cameron we focused not on the struggles, but on the God who overcomes these things – a God who is full of mercy and grace. Amid struggles it’s good to have a starting point of how you can thank God.

We wanted a different way of describing God’s faithfulness and loved the image of the ocean tide - it is always going to come in and go out again – and God is even more faithful than that. When we embrace His faithfulness we can find true peace.

We hope this song blesses and encourages you – and helps you change your focus from the worries and struggles to the One who overcomes them.

About The Artist

Kat Mills is a singer songwriter and worship leader from Surrey, United Kingdom. She grew up with a classical music background. Always passionate about singing, Kat was classically trained and has developed her repertoire to include singing musical theatre, pop and jazz. Writing comes as second nature – something that she does to work through life’s situations. She spent 5 terms conducting a local community choir called ‘Inspire’, and does…

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