No Other Place
No Other Place

No Other Place

Andy Baker

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The story of the lost son is one that has followed me since a young age. I was given my first Bible at Sunday School after being set the task of learning the story and reciting it to the group leaders. Sunday school was ok but Sunday league football was much more appealing to my seven-year-old self. I pursued my sporting interests and didn’t give much thought to God or church for several years. I came back to the Father’s house when I was twelve.

I started singing a refrain about wanting to dwell in the father’s house… because He loves me. I then started to think about the story of Mary and Martha in Luke and how good it is to sit at the feet of Jesus… because He loves me. I then started thinking about the Holy Spirit and where He might be in all of this. We often talk in our church about the how the spirit of God is moving and it dawned on me that I should be dancing with Him. It’s definitely one for the charismatics among us and I think that churches who like to wave flags will enjoy this one especially.

This song is an expression of my desire to rest in God, savour the words of Jesus and to be in step with His spirit. I started to think about other songs that explore and celebrate the relationship we have with the Trinity but struggled to bring any to mind. The book ‘The Shack’ opened my eyes to new ways of thinking about the relationship between the 3-in-1 and I believe that relating to the Trinity is something that is essential for Christians to do. Our theology and experience is lesser if we are not connecting to each person in the Godhead.

When my wife was pregnant with our first child I received a personal revelation about why God might have decided to make us in His own image. Within Himself (Father, Son and Spirit) He had relationship – He wanted to bring us into this loving family so we could experience love, companionship and relationship. Me and Emily were very happy when we got married and out of this love and relationship, we wanted to share that with more people who possessed our DNA and likeness. This is not rocket science -  it’s all about family and relationships.

I pray that your revelation of God will go deeper and that you will learn more of His character. He is our safe place, He is our saviour and He is a consuming fire.

Andy Baker, Chief Enthusiast, Homegrown Worship

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My journey in music began in 1996 after being invited to join the worship band at All Saints, Ecclesall in Sheffield. I only knew 3 chords at the time and soon learned I wouldn’t need to know too much more for most Sunday services. My friend Robin then showed me how to program a drumbeat on Cubase and I’ve been a certified music production addict for 21 years. As well…

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