Precious Jesus (I Worship You)
Precious Jesus (I Worship You)

Precious Jesus (I Worship You)

Rachel E Reader

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Title: Falling in Love with Jesus

The Bible says God is love. 1 John 4:7-21. I believe the biggest reason why so many people struggle and have so many problems in their lives, is because they don’t know that they are loved.

Being in the church for 12 years didn’t bring me the fulfilment and lasting happiness I needed. When I finally came to the end of myself and my life was well and truly ruined, it was then that God intervened and taught me how to have true intimacy with Him, to know Him, not just know about Him. There is a big difference.

By worshipping Him daily at home alone using my keyboard, I encountered the manifest presence of God.  That is where I learned about the person of Jesus and where I found love, peace, security and healing from all my brokenness.

I started to realise that I had been looking to so many other things to find the love, the security, self esteem and self worth that I desperately needed.

One morning in worship I had an encounter where I felt just like the woman with the alabaster bottle of perfume in the Bible who lay at His feet lavishing her love on Him. Matthew 26:6-13

When you put Jesus first and take time to do that, that’s when His presence appears and you start having an intimate, loving and life long relationship with Him.

There is nothing like falling in love with the person of Jesus, seeing His face, seeking Him for who is and not just what He can give you. Without Him we can’t do anything of any value in this life.  We need His presence in our lives every day not just on Sunday.

He will always be my first and last love.

Rachel E Reader


About The Artist

Ministering at women's meetings and events, Rachel had been singing songs of healing and Truth from her Freedom EP for a number of years. She shares her testimony of how God healed her from the trauma of domestic abuse and violence and how she came to find lasting wholeness and inner peace.

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