Secret Place
Secret Place

Secret Place

Rachael Inwood

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Alone with God: 

I started writing Secret Place while in the first lockdown of 2020 when we couldn't gather together to worship God. 

During this time, Father God showed me the importance of having that secret place with him. It was something that I knew in my head was important, and I tried hard to cultivate that secret place worship, but most of the time, it felt like hard work. But having been forced by events outside my control to not worship with other Christians meant that the secret place with God became so important. It was still hard work, not having the distractions of other people around, not having the responsibility of leading others in worship. It meant time worshipping God, it was just him and me. I had to listen to what he was saying to me. Sometimes it was uncomfortable and hard work. But the more I pressed into him, the more he revealed himself to me. 

It is the secret place with God where I found rest and peace from the chaos around me. It was spending time with Father God where I found hope and strength to keep going when times were hard. The more time I spent in that place, the more I became aware of what God was doing in the world that I am in. I began to recognise that still small whisper over the noise of my life. 

Nothing can take us away from worshipping God in the Secret Place. There are no restrictions placed on our worship. It was time in God’s presence with no other agenda than being with him. And it's in the Secret Place with God helps our worship of him overflow into our everyday life. Our worship in the Secret Place should feed into our worship as a community, not the other way round.

- Rachael Inwood 

About The Artist

Rachael has been playing in worship bands since she was 10 years old, and even started with the flute in her family church. Over the years, she has been in various different worship bands that have taken her around the country. She now leads the worship team at her church in Milton Keynes.

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