You Are My Father God
You Are My Father God

You Are My Father God

Andy Baker

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There are times in your life when there’s literally nothing you can do to change a situation. Sometimes people are self-destructive and you can’t get through to them. Some people will refuse help and push the people who truly love them away. Some situations are impossible

When you’re faced with an impossible situation you have two choices:

You can either worry or you can pray.

This song was me taking an impossible situation to God. I’m telling Him that I’m scared and I need Him to hold me. I’m expressing my pain and the difficulties I’m facing, but also speaking out the truth that I hold on to. There is a place I call home in His embrace and though the storm might not have passed, His arms offer shelter for me.

When every bone in your body wants to do something, there are occasions when doing nothing is the right thing to do. Doing nothing is accepting that sometimes your words and deeds can’t fix a situation or a person… sometimes only God can do it.

Doing nothing is a paradox to me and it’s an active decision and often the course of action (or inaction) that requires most effort. It involves letting go and letting God take control.

In the midst of turmoil and despair, take a moment to remember that He is God. In that quiet space, perhaps the grace you need for today will fill your heart and mind.

Andy Baker, Chief Enthusiast, Homegrown Worship

About The Artist

My journey in music began in 1996 after being invited to join the worship band at All Saints, Ecclesall in Sheffield. I only knew 3 chords at the time and soon learned I wouldn’t need to know too much more for most Sunday services. My friend Robin then showed me how to program a drumbeat on Cubase and I’ve been a certified music production addict for 21 years. As well…

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