About Out Of The Ashes

Out of the Ashes combine jazz, gospel and classic R&B to make music that is fresh, fun, and lyrically honest. Using music as part of their mission to stand for joy, healing and worth in the church, God has put it on their hearts to energise weary Christians and ailing congregations with a message of love, hope and renewed possibilities.

From the tiniest church to the festival stage, they offer a toe-tapping message that tears down age barriers, breaks free of church buildings and shares a simple truth – that everyone can be used by God.

Out Of The Ashes Songs

Steady Hand

Out Of The Ashes

Let me tell you who God is. He’s marvellous, amazing, intimate, delightful...

You Are Enough

Out Of The Ashes

After a fair old time of happy illusions, I’m coming to the slightly reluctan...


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