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You (LIVE)

You (LIVE)

Out Of The Ashes

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We were staying in a hotel in Adeje, South Tenerife for two weeks during a brief tour of concerts in churches and meeting places around the island. Once again, I had contracted a cold before travelling, and was now struggling to retain my voice for the series of speaking and singing events – taking it easy and speaking as little as possible were the only remedy  – so today was down time. We’d just had lunch by the pool and I planned to wash my hair before retiring for a luxurious siesta.

Then, in the process of washing hair over the bath, my earring went down the bath plug. 

A trivial thing that a young man with a plumber’s wrench was dispatched by la recepción to put right. He failed. Tried jolly hard to give him his due but ultimately the result was the same.

Earring lost – irretrievable. One of a pair given to me by my beloved husband and the result was a combination of guilt at my carelessness combined with sorrow for the loss. Not life-changing but, none-the-less, undeniable.

Disappointments like this happen in all of our lives – they aren’t major – but they are inclined to spoil our day to some extent. 

But all the time, as my bathroom drama played out, a little ditty was going through my head, over and over. Alighted on my brain as if from nowhere, a little ear-worm from God. It was the tune that became the refrain for ‘You’.

One small earthly treasure lost, one heavenly treasure gained that became a song of praise and confidence for my loving Father in Heaven.

Penny Lyon

Out of the Ashes


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Out of the Ashes combine jazz, gospel and classic R&B to make music that is fresh, fun, and lyrically honest. Using music as part of their mission to stand for joy, healing and worth in the church, God has put it on their hearts to energise weary Christians and ailing congregations with a message of love, hope and renewed possibilities. From the tiniest church to the festival stage, they offer…

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