Call Out To The Living God
Call Out To The Living God

Call Out To The Living God

Andrew Harper

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The world is crying out for answers as all their hopes and dreams are being shattered in the events of 2020. I did not know what this year would bring when I wrote the song in 2019 but was lamenting that modern communication devices like the iPhone have become a modern version of the Greek Oracle with an answer to every question. The brilliance of the technology has so gripped the younger generation which I can see even in my own grand-children. My grand-son was just about to go to secondary school and had been wisely not given an internet phone until now. The song was born out of an overwhelming concern that the web has for many become the ultimate place to go for answers. Call Out to the Living God is a catchy declaration of where our help comes from and my hope and prayer is that the true way to God is communicated in a day when the medium of communication has become the message.

I couldn’t have hoped for a better melody than Ken’s or a better voice than Andrew’s to communicate our Saviour’s overwhelming love and forgiveness in the free gift of redemption. I love the tune and the way it has all come together as a happy, very sing-able and timely message for all of us and, unexpectedly when it was written, to counteract the 2020’s intrusive use of the phone to impose political agendas when the crying need is for the message of hope, Salvation and the soon-coming Kingdom of God! May it sing-out and be shouted out from our windows and the roof-tops!

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I was born into a God-fearing home as the son of a pastor. I know the pastor's kid title has a negative connotation to it and for a while I was on my way to fulfill that expectation. That is, until God grabbed my attention on a missions trip to Peru and challenged me to be a man after my God. Through the following months He taught me to use…

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