Christ My Rock
Christ My Rock

Christ My Rock

Beyond the Walls

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One afternoon, having shared a couple of newly written songs with our pastor and been blessed with his encouraging feedback, he turned to me and asked if I would write a song based around the church’s Verse of the Year; Psalm 18:2 – The Lord is my rock and my shield.

I grabbed my Bible and just spent time seeking the Lord, as I always do when songwriting. I discovered that spending time in the Psalms with pen and paper in hand, was incredible. The richness and depth of God’s Word cannot be matched and I knew very quickly that this song was to be full of scripture.

I saw myself on the rock and felt the wrap-around presence of the Lord. I knew I was safely cocooned within His love. It’s the most beautiful experience, to know that God is your shield and your protector and when we know this, our hearts are full of joy. As I wrote, I knew that Psalm 33:20-21 was to be the chorus.

This song was written for the church and yet it became so personal. God is so wonderful. Being given a verse to build a song around proved to be my most challenging songwriting experience yet. However, when we push through in obedience, doesn’t The Lord just find such beautiful ways to bless us! I am so thankful I was asked to write this song; the whole journey grew me so much. I pray that it blesses you too as you truly know and experience Jesus as your hope, your shield and your protector, knowing that you can trust in Him as you stand in His victory.

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Beyond the Walls is a band which came together through God’s ministry at Buckhurst Hill Baptist Church (BHBC). The band was birthed by several members of BHBC’s worship team starting to share song ideas with one another, inspired by the work of God’s spirit in the church. There was a hunger amongst worship leaders to explore songwriting more intentionally, and to bring greater life to the congregation. Some of the…

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