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Beyond the Walls is a band which came together through God’s ministry at Buckhurst Hill Baptist Church (BHBC). The band was birthed by several members of BHBC’s worship team starting to share song ideas with one another, inspired by the work of God’s spirit in the church. There was a hunger amongst worship leaders to explore songwriting more intentionally, and to bring greater life to the congregation.

Some of the songs the band has written have come from significant scriptures for the church, others from prophetic words and others through personal testimony. Several Beyond the Walls songs have been used in BHBC services and they have added to the increasing freedom in worship which they are experiencing in the church. Songs written about what God is doing in the church carry much power when the congregation sing the truths being taught from scripture.

Beyond the Walls have always had the belief that even if their songs cause just one person to connect with God, they are worth pursuing, and they have been encouraged to see that many people have been blessed by their songs.

In a very short space of time, through unexpected circumstances, God has opened a door for Beyond the Walls to share their songs with a much wider audience through Homegrown Worship, and they are expectant for what God is going to do with these songs. Their pastor has always believed that BHBC would be used to resource other churches in worship and this may just be the start of something amazing!

Beyond the Walls Songs

Someday (Tiny Child)

Beyond the Walls

‘Someday’ was one of those songs where after ...

Christ My Rock

Beyond the Walls

One afternoon, having shared a couple of newly written songs with our pastor ...


Beyond the Walls

I don’t know about you, but before I knew Jesus, I would never have considere...

God of Breakthrough

Beyond the Walls

Change can cause fear and fear can hold us, stopping us from moving into all ...

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