God of Breakthrough
God of Breakthrough

God of Breakthrough

Beyond the Walls

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Change can cause fear and fear can hold us, stopping us from moving into all that God has for us. Like many churches, ours has been going through a time of transition and transformation, and our heart’s cry is ‘Lord, have Your way in this place and in us’. We have seen God do great things and we know that He always has more!

We felt that God was saying to step back to see there is a new way. The church had been given a picture of people trying to get into a spacious place through a closed gate, but as the picture moved back, there was no fence and they could just walk around the gate and be led into freedom by going a different way (Psalm 18:19).

We shared what God was doing in our church with Philippa Hanna in a songwriting session and together we crafted the song. The Lord had highlighted to me Ezekiel 36:26. I had felt the Lord reminding us that we need to have soft hearts of flesh to truly allow the Lord to have His way. That’s one of my favourite lines in the song; ‘Breathe new life into this heart of stone to beat for You again’.

Our prayer is that God of Breakthrough will bless more hearts and more churches as people move forward into all that God has for them. If we choose to lay it all down at His feet and truly ask ‘Lord, have Your way’, He will do immeasurably more than we could ever ask or imagine. (Ephesians 3:20).

Written by Andrea, Ann and Toby from Beyond The Walls

About The Artist

Beyond the Walls is a band which came together through God’s ministry at Buckhurst Hill Baptist Church (BHBC). The band was birthed by several members of BHBC’s worship team starting to share song ideas with one another, inspired by the work of God’s spirit in the church. There was a hunger amongst worship leaders to explore songwriting more intentionally, and to bring greater life to the congregation. Some of the…

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