We’re Alive
We’re Alive

We’re Alive

Andy Baker

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Following on from the scripture-surfing approach of Sons of God, this new song We’re Alive was birthed out of the teaching in 2 Corinthians: 5. Essentially I have compiled a little musical Bible study for you all and hope you gobble up all the goodness packed in here.

We have an eternal home in heaven (verse 1)
We are equipped for a purpose by God (verse 5)
We walk by faith and not by sight (verse 7)
The old has passed and the new is coming (verse 18)
We are Christ’s ambassadors (verse 20)

There are a lot of worship songs that express how we feel. These devotional modern-day Psalms are important to sing and are widely accessible. There a lot of worship songs that talk about God, who He is and how awesome He is… this union of truth and beauty stirs up wonder* for many as they sing and see a clearer picture of who God is. However, there doesn’t seem to be many widely sung songs which teach us about how we should live in the way a sermon on the Epistles might. The only songs I can bring to mind which champion this side of theology tend to be hymns or traditional-sounding songs.

Whilst I’m early on in my journey of crafting song-sermons for congregational singing, I’m committing to opening scriptures and exploring new ways to set ancient truths to new rhythms and sounds. I hope that a fuller depth of God’s word might be expressed with a greater impact around the globe than ever before. Our hymnal must become both broader and narrower as we explore the wonder of God and the relationship He desires to have with us.

Andy Baker, Chief Enthusiast, Homegrown Worship

About The Artist

My journey in music began in 1996 after being invited to join the worship band at All Saints, Ecclesall in Sheffield. I only knew 3 chords at the time and soon learned I wouldn’t need to know too much more for most Sunday services. My friend Robin then showed me how to program a drumbeat on Cubase and I’ve been a certified music production addict for 21 years. As well…

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