Someday (Tiny Child)
Someday (Tiny Child)

Someday (Tiny Child)

Beyond the Walls

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‘Someday’ was one of those songs where after I had written it, I suddenly realised - I had a Christmas song! Somewhat unintentional, there it was on the page in front of me.

It began from thinking about Jesus’s mother, Mary. As a mum to young children myself, I reflected that none of us knows what that tiny baby we hold in our arms may go on to do. Mary had been told her son would be the Son of God – but how could she know all that Jesus would do during His ministry on earth? And how, two thousand years later, the whole world would still be celebrating His birth every Christmas.

I have found that the song really lends itself to the beautiful sound of children’s voices and it has become a firm favourite with the school choir at the Primary School where I teach.

A couple of years ago, the choir were invited to sing at a community event at our local theatre. They sang ‘Someday’ amongst a number of other songs. What really blessed me, was that people spoke to me afterwards about how they had felt something as the children had sung that song. I knew it was the Holy Spirit! Not at a Christian event, we had taken the song beyond the walls of the church and the Lord had blessed people with it.

Christmas is such a wonderful opportunity to share the gospel with our loved ones and our community. I pray that this song goes on to bless many more people - Christians and those who do not yet know Jesus as their Saviour. And that it reminds us that Jesus brings hope and joy into our lives not just at Christmas, but every day.


Andrea Prior

Vocalist and Songwriter, Beyond the Walls

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Beyond the Walls is a band which came together through God’s ministry at Buckhurst Hill Baptist Church (BHBC). The band was birthed by several members of BHBC’s worship team starting to share song ideas with one another, inspired by the work of God’s spirit in the church. There was a hunger amongst worship leaders to explore songwriting more intentionally, and to bring greater life to the congregation. Some of the…

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