Fill Up The Skies
Fill Up The Skies

Fill Up The Skies

Andy Baker

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One of the great things about where I live is that is on the outskirts of a relatively small city we only have to walk a few hundred yards and we’re in the countryside. Due to a relatively low level of light pollution, the stars appear much brighter than when I used to live in middle of Sheffield. Looking at the stars and the vastness of God’s creation can help to put our daily challenges into perspective. The mountains we’re trying to overcome are rarely as big as we perceive them to be.

I was recently asked by a journalist if we really needed any more worship songs as there are so many already in existence. It is estimated that there are over 100 billion stars in the milky way. Each star emits light, and in the same way every song of worship shines a light and tells the story of who God is and the amazing things He’s done. In answer to His questions… we need as many songs of praise and worship as there are stars in the sky. This is why the vision of Homegrown Worship is to share new songs every day… an occasional new creation isn’t enough.

After an unfortunate issue with hotel accommodation in Eastbourne a few weeks ago, I ended up having to drive my family home to Gloucestershire very late at night. Whilst this was incredibly annoying, we did get to witness a 2 hour continued display of lightning which I will never forget. It was as if God Himself was was entertaining us with heavenly illuminations and I was inspired to sing about the ‘flashes of lightning’ and the ‘roar of the thunder’. Whilst God is a loving Father and the gentle restored of our souls, He’s also an awesome creator who we should revere.

I hope that this song helps people to grow in their admiration and respect for the Lord of Creation

Andy Baker, Chief Enthusiast, Homegrown Worship

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My journey in music began in 1996 after being invited to join the worship band at All Saints, Ecclesall in Sheffield. I only knew 3 chords at the time and soon learned I wouldn’t need to know too much more for most Sunday services. My friend Robin then showed me how to program a drumbeat on Cubase and I’ve been a certified music production addict for 21 years. As well…

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