Jehovah You Are Robed
Jehovah You Are Robed

Jehovah You Are Robed

Juliet Dawn

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Sometimes, like a great wine, a mature song can come to its finest and most anointed moment long after it was first created. According to Ecclesiastes ch3, there is a time and a season for all things under the sky and it seems that this song has come into its 'season' about 30 years after it was penned by my Mum, Brenda Taylor. 

It feels like I have known this song most of my adult life, and I have sung it more times than I can count, but it seems to have been previously passed over, as if it had not found its true resonance in the Spirit. However, when we were choosing songs for this latest album project and deliberating over music old and new, this song jumped out at me as one that I have always loved, but that had never been given an opportunity to find its true anointing. We were specifically looking for songs based on Scripture and though this one was originally written with congregation in mind, I could 'hear' a version that was entirely different: poignant, rich, tender, strong and emotively reverential. 

However...... WOW!......what transpired in the arrangement and production of the song by Richard Lewis, far exceeded our expectation. Richard had a real glory moment when he genuinely felt he was transported into the throne room where choirs of angels were worshipping God and being drawn to deeper adoration and awe by the holiness of His presence. 

Richard knew that the angel voices on the track had to recreate what he had experienced in the throne-room, and he believes a supernatural angelic chorus has made its mark in the arrangement in a way that is otherwise unexplainable. 

Holiness, glory, anointing..... and something indeed supernaturally reverential! 

This 'old' song has created a 'new' benchmark in true, pure, holy and heaven-bound worship where we join the angels in a unique moment of anthemic praise.

Juliet Dawn


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When so much of a person’s life has been epic in adversity AND in overcoming; through trial, trauma, loss, grief….. it’s difficult to know where to begin to summarise their gifting and artistry. With Juliet Dawn, her whole creative art is married with her personal life story- it has become her very testimony and a body of work expressing her Kingdom journey. The music and poetry are inseparable from the…

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