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When so much of a person’s life has been epic in adversity AND in overcoming; through trial, trauma, loss, grief….. it’s difficult to know where to begin to summarise their gifting and artistry. With Juliet Dawn, her whole creative art is married with her personal life story- it has become her very testimony and a body of work expressing her Kingdom journey.
The music and poetry are inseparable from the trials and tests of faith; not only inspiring but forming the very essence of all that’s created. Losing children, your health and your ministry (and still holding on to your God-given destiny) are certainly circumstances from which God can create a platform to communicate something special from the very depths of His heart.
Although Juliet’s beautiful voice was originally set to task as an award-winning secular singer, she, as the daughter of pastoring parents, always desired to make a difference in the Kingdom through music and testimony. Alongside her gift of receiving, writing and orating prophetic poetry, she now leads worship with her Mum Brenda Taylor and they create beautiful, anointed studio albums featuring. Brenda’s acclaimed songwriting. In recent years this mother/ daughter team were privileged enough to perform at the Royal Albert Hall and together they represent the musical arm of Dovetail Shalom Ministries.

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Juliet Dawn

I have been recording, performing, singing an...

Lord All Glorious

Juliet Dawn

My music partnership is fairly unique : my Mu...

Jehovah You Are Robed

Juliet Dawn

Sometimes, like a great wine, a mature song c...

Psalm 91

Juliet Dawn

My musical journey with ministry and worship ...

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