Your Loving Kindness
Your Loving Kindness

Your Loving Kindness

Juliet Dawn

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I have been recording, performing, singing and worshipping for many years, and over time, influences have come and gone, evolved or changed. One of my earliest influences was Karen Carpenter and more recently artists like Eva Cassidy and Norah Jones have compelled me to listen. That is what I wanted to achieve with this song. Ultimately, this is a love-song to The Father based on David's endeavour of the same in Psalm 63, but we (myself and Mum - the composer) wanted this to be beautiful in simplicity with a meditative feel and flavour. It is intended to be a special, secret moment.... drawing the listener in and bringing them into a place where they can share the sentiment and truth in their own heart and in their own reality. We wanted the song to wrap you in its serenity and purity and to encourage each partaker to find the source of love and worship in their own secret place. 

It is all too easy in the place where contemporary worship often lands, to be pulled along by uplifting chugging rhythms and repetitive catchy lyrics, but I believe there is also a more pure and honest place from where the Father wants us to approach His throne - a stripped back place, where it's just Him and you. In this song, it is the desire of the team behind the composition, recording and arrangement, that you may find a quiet contemplative moment to reach out quietly and earnestly (with your spirit fully engaged) to bless the heart of God with all abandonment - just as David did. 

Be blessed as you find your own secret place.

  • Juliet Dawn & Brenda Taylor


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When so much of a person’s life has been epic in adversity AND in overcoming; through trial, trauma, loss, grief….. it’s difficult to know where to begin to summarise their gifting and artistry. With Juliet Dawn, her whole creative art is married with her personal life story- it has become her very testimony and a body of work expressing her Kingdom journey. The music and poetry are inseparable from the…

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