Lord All Glorious
Lord All Glorious

Lord All Glorious

Juliet Dawn

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My music partnership is fairly unique : my Mum writes and I interpret and sing. Well mostly it's that way... sometimes we collaborate on the melodic journey of the song and we have joint input on the lyrics, but often Mum receives the songs complete with nothing more to add. She is a worship leader, teacher and (now) retired pastor, but for her whole composing life, she has always had a heart for deep worship and writes strong melodies from a classical piano background. This song exemplifies all of the above. 

Written from a true place of worship, sat at the piano with  lyrics and melody already being birthed in her spirit and through her fingers, this song was complete. Just perfect, and just as it is!

I first heard the song as a very small unrehearsed gathering was unabashedly attempting to overcome the technics of the song whilst clearly being enveloped in the tangible anointing that fell as a result of it. Individuals were lost in true worship and wonder as the beauty and flow of the song brought a strong presence of God. They did not care whatsoever that the rendition was aurally a little rough around the edges and congregationally imperfect, to them and to me, the moment was perfect, the sense of Jesus' glory was captivating and the sweetness of the Holy Spirit was powerful and real. 

By this, I knew that the song was beautiful and was 'doing the business' in the Spirit, but I was yet to envisage an interpretation of the song that would satisfy what I hoped to convey. Well.....I never did get a chance to explore that, for shortly after, and in the run up to recording sessions, I was struck by a neuro-toxin from a poisonous spider bite. This made me too poor and compromised to minister or sing this song ahead of the recording, so what you hear on the track, is actually the first time I had ever sung it! Without prescriptive direction, I just sang as and how I was led in that moment, and in my heart, I just prayed that I would be able to recreate the wonder, honesty and pure worship of the song as I had heard it that first day. Equally, my desire was that the beautiful picture of my amazing saviour Jesus Christ that I carry in my heart, mind, spirit (and through the words of many of my poems), would be fully painted in the beauty of the song. 

I truly hope this has been achieved.

Juliet Dawn


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When so much of a person’s life has been epic in adversity AND in overcoming; through trial, trauma, loss, grief….. it’s difficult to know where to begin to summarise their gifting and artistry. With Juliet Dawn, her whole creative art is married with her personal life story- it has become her very testimony and a body of work expressing her Kingdom journey. The music and poetry are inseparable from the…

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