No Weapon Formed Against You
No Weapon Formed Against You

No Weapon Formed Against You

Rachel E Reader

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This is How I Fight My Battles

“In this world you will have trouble but take heart I have overcome the world.”  John 16:33. Jesus never promised us a tip-toe through the tulips in this life.  He warned us that there would be trials, adverse circumstances and difficult things that we would have to learn to overcome.

The chorus of this song is based on Isaiah 54:17.  This really is a victory song, and I love songs of victory!  We need them in a day and age where darkness and troubles abound.

The Bible says that our right standing with God comes by virtue of the fact that we believe in Jesus and God declares us not guilty, as long as we are not walking in deliberate and wilful disobedience or sin, He will protect His own and vindicate us.

My life certainly hasn’t been an easy one. I’ve gone through a multitude of personal battles and trials but praising God through each one with songs like this one, served to disperse the gloom and doom and gave me triumph over all the accusations coming against me, and victory when I was surrounded and it seemed like there was no way out.

Sickness, poverty, lack are all symptoms of the curse that Jesus redeemed us from so when they try to come upon me and confusion and turmoil takes over, then I get on my keyboard, get the big guns out and start firing at the enemy with this song. Any depression hovering over me lifts along with any sense of hopelessness, discouragement, fear or despair.

So go ahead, shout it out from the rooftops and receive the breakthrough you are needing in your own circumstances! Trust God to bring you out when you praise and believe Him that No Weapon Formed Against You Will Prevail.

Rachel E Reader

About The Artist

Ministering at women's meetings and events, Rachel had been singing songs of healing and Truth from her Freedom EP for a number of years. She shares her testimony of how God healed her from the trauma of domestic abuse and violence and how she came to find lasting wholeness and inner peace.

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