Rescue of a Troubled Mind
Rescue of a Troubled Mind

Rescue of a Troubled Mind

Esther Sardar

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This song was unearthed in a very torrid season of my life. The Psalmist David, experienced ‘dry and parched land’ in the desert of Judah (Psalm 63), where this song begins its germination.

King David, the songwriter (amongst other things), made use of his cruel circumstances to bring voice to the yearnings of his heart. Reminding himself of the precious love of God and real encounters he had in the temple sanctuary, David gave himself a ‘pep talk’ and forged it into a song. I did the same thing!

Armies were not after me, I did not fear for my life, but my spirit was fervidly pining God’s tangible companionship! I felt alone in a chaotic existence, deaf to my God who had once kept residence in the temple of my heart. In the war with ‘self’ he had been dethroned.

My enemy was the ‘task list’ of a busy frontline; the life of a wife, mother and music minister. There was no room for rest in the sanctuary, my need to feel ‘productive’ ruled and I forgot my first love. I was simply existing and that’s when things got tough! I was out of ammunition and the enemies’ fire was unceasing! His army had infiltrated my camp and subtly found his way into the unguarded base of my life.

‘Rescue of a Troubled Mind’ is a reminder of the restorative power that is found under the gentle wings of a personal God. A warm home where peace reigns and love conquers all. I am reminded that he never forgets me and he has actually won the war! My mind is still.

As I start to walk the journey of restoration, which includes sorting out my priorities, my enemy is on retreat and I have begun to gain lost ground. My territory is once again expanding and my frontline is being fortified. I still have bad days, but as I live ‘under the shadow of his wings’, I find rest for my soul. From that place of safety, I am lifted by a sense of hope and a quiet faith that knows I can go on in the grace of my God.

May God lift you high above your enemies and give you a view of victory! Amen.

Esther Sardar (Singer/Songwriter)

About The Artist

Esther Sardar is a Bristol (UK) based Christian singer-songwriter and worship leader. Leading worship for over 15years and writing songs for much longer, Esther is now part of the worship leaders team at Christ Church Downend. Raised in a Christian home and still going strong in her personal faith, Esther’s testimony is one of endurance through trial, living by grace and eternal hope in the promises of God through Jesus…

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