Water Walker
Water Walker

Water Walker

Rachel E Reader

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Title: Stepping Out Into the Unknown

There have been times in my life I have taken monumental leaps of faith off the cliff edge into the unknown.

Compelled to sell all my worldly possessions at age 22, buying a one way ticket from Australia to travel to England was a big risk. I didn’t know what would happen but I knew deep down it was a date with destiny. I ran out of money and I found myself homeless. In desperation I prayed to the God I didn’t know. That same year, I became a Christian, found work and a place to stay.

Making the decision to leave a violent and abusive marriage was tough too. I was traumatised and full of anxiety. I had no family or friends around to support me, just the clothes on my back, a small hold all case and my 2 year old baby. I asked God to catch me and He did.  Leading me out of a women’s refuge, then into my own home, I eventually walked into a new vibrant future.

Stepping right out of the edge to make an album of the songs I had written in times of intimacy with Jesus where I received a great deal of healing, I then embarked on a journey of sharing my music and my testimony with others.

Leaving the comfort and safety of your boat to do what you have on your heart, fear will grip you, your knees knock and your heart rises up into your throat, but Jesus is there to offer you His hand and walk alongside you.

To achieve your dreams and make something of your life, you have to be a 'Water Walker'! No if no buts. That’s what this song is about.  I hope it encourages you to do just that.

Rachel E Reader



About The Artist

Ministering at women's meetings and events, Rachel had been singing songs of healing and Truth from her Freedom EP for a number of years. She shares her testimony of how God healed her from the trauma of domestic abuse and violence and how she came to find lasting wholeness and inner peace.

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